Secure Your Future: Army Jobs 2024 – Join as Captain through Lady Cadet Course

army jobs 2024

Army Jobs 2024 – Join as Captain through Lady Cadet Course

PositionQualificationAge Limit
Corps of EngineersBE in Geo Informatics Engineering28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Corps of SignalsBE in Electrical(Telecom) preferably MSEE Telecom28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Corps of Electrical & Mechanical EngineersBE in Bio Medical Engineering28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Avlation Fleet Management – AFM (Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers)BE in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering,BE in Avionic/Electrical Engineering28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Corps of OrdnanceBE/BS in Textile Engineering28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Army Education CorpsMA/BS English (16 Year Education), MSc/BS Maths (16 Year Education)28 years as on 01 Nov 2024
Corps of Signals / Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers / ICTOBE/BS in Software Engineering preferably MS in Computer Science, BE in Information Security/Cyber Security preferably MSIS28 years as on 01 Nov 2024

Army Jobs 2024 – Join as Captain through Lady Cadet Course

OrganizationPak Army
CitiesPakistan (Nationwide)
Salary Package
Posted On09 June 2024 Sunday
Last Date09 July 2024 Tuesday

Instructions & General Conditions:

Are you ready to embark on a journey of service and excellence with the Pakistan Army? Here are the specialized positions available through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC) and various Corps:

Lady Cadet Course (LCC):

  • Aspiring female officers can apply to join the prestigious Lady Cadet Course, leading to commissioned officer roles in various specialized fields.

Corps of Engineers:

  • BE Geo Informatics Engineering: Ideal for those passionate about leveraging geospatial technology to support military operations and infrastructure development.

Corps of Signals:

  • BE Electrical (Telecom): Join the forefront of military communications, ensuring seamless connectivity and operational readiness.

Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (EME):

  • BE Bio Medical Engineering: Contribute to healthcare innovation within the military, ensuring the welfare of troops through advanced biomedical solutions.

Aviation Fleet Management – AFM:

  • BE Aerospace / Mechanical Engineering: Engage in the maintenance and management of cutting-edge aviation technology crucial to military air operations.
  • BE Avionic / Electrical Engineering: Specialize in avionics and electrical systems critical for maintaining the operational capability of military aircraft.

Corps of Ordnance:

  • BE / BS Textile Engineering: Apply textile engineering expertise to ensure the quality and functionality of military textile products essential for field operations.

Army Education Corps:

  • M.A. / M.Sc. / BS: Educators and scholars can contribute to the intellectual growth of military personnel in diverse academic disciplines.

Corps of Signals / Corps of EME / ICT:

  • BE / BS:
    • Software Engineering: Develop and maintain software solutions vital for military operations and information systems.
    • Information Security: Safeguard military data and networks against cyber threats, ensuring operational security and integrity.
    • Cyber Security: Defend against cyber-attacks and secure military information systems from digital threats.

MS – Computer Science: Pursue advanced studies in computer science to advance military technological capabilities and innovation.

Joining the Pakistan Army in 2024: Take the first step towards a rewarding career in service to the nation. Apply online and seize the opportunity to serve with honor and distinction in one of Pakistan’s most esteemed institutions. Discover your potential and contribute to the defense and development of your country with pride.

Explore these unique opportunities and apply today to make a difference as a commissioned officer in the Pakistan Army.

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army jobs 2024
army jobs 2024
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